Hello there, I'm Rina Marie Rubia.
I'm from Quezon City, Philippines but I'm currently residing here in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

I'm a senior BS Information Technology student from Negros Oriental State University. Talking about extra-curricular stuff, I'm the News Editor of The NORSUnian, the Official Weekly Student Publication of our school.

I like writing, though not persistently. 
I'm liking to read book, though not of all kinds. 
I love fashion -- dresses, footwears, shirts, skirts <3
I love InfoTech. Yea, I should!
I love adventure, wandering to places so refined and historical. A typical spot with outstanding backdrop will do :)
I love siestas and hang-outs. These are part and parcel of my daily repose. At least to save myself from boredom.
I'm becoming to be a net addict. Well, my friends are here. Would I let a day pass without even saying "hi"?
I'm an artist. Oh yeah. I can draw. Bow.
I'm an Astronaut. Though only the way they react with the gravity-less atmosphere. LOVE really can make you feel like that of an Astronaut <3
I'm narcissist. I'm always included in anyone's photo album.
I'm crazy. I'm definitely obsessed with things that make my life worthwhile -- my family, buddies, YOU! :D
I'm a servant of Christ. Yes, I do humbly always wanna please my Savior thru little ways of helping and reaching out with others.

Gotta fill this up when I discovered later on, the various individuals into a single being.

The other sides of me. Kindly devote a little time to click on these links.

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