The forest and the tree

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

“blessed is the man who endures temptation..”
----------James 1:12

All of us have been so close to a temptation that we lost our perspective. It may have involve something as small as a rumor that we knew shouldn’t be passed along, but the urge to gossip blocks out our sense of love and good judgment.

In the bible, it is not oblivious that Adam and Eve faced a similar problem long ago. They have been so preoccupied with one plant in their garden paradise that they couldn’t see the forest for the tree.

Just looked at what it cost them. The garden of Eden had been created especially for them. In it they knew no evil, no trials, no sickness, no death. They enjoyed the company of the Creator Himself. Yet they gave up all they had just to eat of the fruit of that one forbidden tree.

Their mistakes still plagues us. How often do we miss the whole forest of God’s goodness for a single tree of testing.?
The moment of temptation seems so overwhelming, the idea so irresistible, our twisted logic so justifiable. isn’t it.?
We tend to gave up God’s forever goodness for the sake of our consciousness.

Why do we do that.? Is it because we knew that it would be just fine because others are doing it too.?
Is it because you know no one will get hurt.? No one will know about it.?
Is it so covert.? Is it because it’s cataleptic that no one might notice it.?
Yes. Maybe we are too much inclined with earthly things and don’t mind senseless law efforts of the land that’s why you we have no time to remember that God is always with us.. within us.. Watching our every action and saddens when we do awful things that can hurt Him..

We might never suffer with the consequences of what the laws of the land can cause us but when the time of judgment comes, there will be no other way out..

Today, think about all that Adam and Eve left behind in the garden. Lets fill our minds with the truths of God’s Word and rely on the holy spirit’s moment-by-moment guidance and strength. Then we will experience the joy of god’s blessing rather than temporary pleasure.

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neljustine said...

.....,,a big applause kay bbr......
definitely...madre ka na ngayon....hehehe.
nag ka nose bleed tuloy ako kay hindi ko na binasa kasi alam ko na ang lahat ng yan eh...,pare yata to...XD

DJ Rem said...


mavs said...

a soul-cleansing post!

ewik said...

yah, but we're just humans, we're not perfect. we could commit sins, we could even be tempted. all we have to do is just pray for guidance.

pwancesz maiee said...

@justine: thank u thank u...xD
pare huh.?! mmh...

@djrhem: yeah.!tnx BRO.!AMEN..xD

@kua mavz: nacleanse ba nman.?!hehe

@chesa: yah..wer not perfect..but atlz we shud be responsble enaf to minimze that fact..:)muah.

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