Monday, June 15, 2009

"cause i cant help it if you look like an angel..
..cant help it if i wanna kiss you in the rain so..
..come feel this magic i've been feeling since i met you..
..cant help it if theres no one else..
..mmh..i cant help myself.."
♥ _________________ ♥
i could give you a MILLION reasons why I should be the one you choose..
(glad to say that it's super LOVE that im feeling for you right now, so there must be no reasons..:) (haha..clever.!)
..well those other girls, they MIGHT be beautiful but would they care for you like the way i do.?
(haha..lupig lyrics ni taylor swift..:)
uala lang..trip qu lang..:) pde na ba.?weei (^^,)

1 thoughtfulness:

neljustine said...

...oi taylor swift huh....pareho na pala kayo ni caroline..adik kay taylor swift...sana sinulat mo na lang yong whole song...,para lyrics marathon.....hehehehe...jowk lang poh...XD

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