Tuesday, July 28, 2009

..after having a consecutive horrible [ if exaggerated] and nosebleeding posts, after my blog has been messed up with unrelated thoughts now and then, here it goes... friendly again.. not literally but friendly enough for others to understand and to relate [asyd from my infotech fam] u know.. :-P and its such a nice feeling.. like a new right beggining.. beggining for me to keep updated with the happenings in blogsphere.. awh? haiz sana nga.. i must start with what i am suppose to..lols -to, as usual tell what i've been through this day,. actually, wala nman maxado bago.. " pretty lil' princess "pdin nman ako..hehe and ooops..! i have learn something from this day pala... kanina sa physics.. -"kung yun na yun, yun na talaga yun.."

:D hope you've learn something from it too.. or ako na nman yung nkarelate? basta yun na yun .. updated na po ako.! hejei....

3 thoughtfulness:

DJ Rem said...

Welcome back, aw? Hehehe
Sana nga maka-relate kami sa mga sinasabi mo dito.,. ;'!

Paul Denver Sy said...

i can relate babyR because i saw him and we talked and then he said to me that he saw you and your making the obvious manners to him.. oh my god! i can't believe... whahaha.. peace babyR! anyways babyR, i really saw him... kamo na d.i??? PEACE! joke!... whaha..a.

pwancesz maiee said...

@ djrem: elu..haha uo nga welcome back xkin..:)..
mkakarelate din kau nyan..pr0mise xD

@kua paul: ui knxa npud nah? aiz nqu nman..haha aqu mui uala krelate xau gxulti..haha
i saw her, nd she sed she broke your heart..bleh

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