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Sunday, August 9, 2009

quack doctors.. i've heard that often..especially in the toungues of grown-old a very scary manner..

my sister [kislen]..has a fever just before she attended my debut party in Amlan.. i already notice that she's feeling something not good.. though she pretended not to care, i can see in her gloomy eyes that she is really sick..

and the party's over.. they[my sister together with her husband and daughter] went back to Dumaguete.. i decided to leave few hours after them for i will still help my mother to clean up the mess.. c:

and then i went back to Dumaguete and to my surprise, my sister has already a very high fever.. we manage to be calm [though that time i wished my mom was there].. we treated her with some paracetamol and the like stuffs..

the fever lasts for how many days so we decided to bring her to the hospital to have her check up.. that time silly thoughts are freaking my mind.. i thought she has a swine flu.. c: and then i thought something that is really serious.. someting that could shock us and make us cry... :c

and then it all blows away when my sister just told us that there is something wrong with her urine.. accdg to her, she must drink plenty of water right after drinking alcoholic beverages.. haiz xe nman.. lasenggera.. peace.!

the doctor prescribed some medecines for her to take in..she continued taking those drugs but ended up with nothing..she was always attacked by a very high fever every night! ohmigush..

i reall dont know what to do.. we are all worried about her.. she is so so sick and she is shivering in cold..

i dont want my mom to worry but i think i really need to tell her the situation.. i texted my mom and tell her to please come tomorrow because i am much worried seeing my sister that way..

right after the next day, my sister went to amlan [as instructed by my mom] because they will go to the quack doctor.. i thought : why? can they help something? they are not licensed. they are using very old methods of curing, with rituals after .. and sometimes, it can contaminate the affected area because of the dirty stuffs they are using.. that instead of making it better, they just worsen it.. haiz.. i dont know..

that very moment i prayed to the Lord.. she undergone the prescription of a licensed doctor but still, nothings changed.. now she's gonna use a prescription of a quack doctor.. i hope it'll work somehow[coz im desperate to have my sister healed].. above all, Lord have the power... You can make my sister feel better.. we trust You poh..

after that afternoon, they came back.. and finally.. my sister feels better now.. accdg to them,

few hours after my sister undergone some rituals, she felt better.. the quack doctor told them it is because my sister had stepped on 'invisible existing small creature'..that creature got angry and so my sister must apologize..

really? quack doctors can heal? somehow.. maybe.. i really dont know.. in this case, maybe yes.. but still i believe its the will of God that made my sister feel better, yes .. c:

God is so good that because he loves us... he used the quack doctor as a medium to heal my sister, somehow... that could be,..

yeah.. its still God who helped us in ways we cannot see... Praises to You our lord..

so far, so its been 3 days now after that.. my sister has no fever at all.. even during night time now,.. i hope it will continue and won't happen again.. through God's grace... amen.. c:

2 thoughtfulness:

DJ Rem said...

.,.seasonal flu lang 'yon
well, quack doctors are faith healers...
constant prayers and medicine helped your elder sister feel better now.,.
God bless! Ingatz ;)

pwancesz maiee said...

2djrem: thanks ,. wew. c:

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