Saturday, November 14, 2009

..yehey .!

at last! certified voter na qu .! wee xD
i was able t0 catch up bef0re the deadline.., 0ct0ber 30, 2009. wee .!

...i really believe that every single vote c0unts.. n0 matter h0w small maybe we were, as a part of the nati0n, still..it will surely make a big difference t0 0ur future..

i also believe that it is on our hands, that our better future lies.. it w0nt w0rk and change the situati0n if we keep on blaming other pe0ple's fault.. n0 0ne is to be blamed. we are the 0ne's who's letting s0me0ne sit int0 the p0siti0n.. s0 it is also we, Filipinos who will take the c0nsequences.. maybe good or bad. this will be a decisi0n making that we will all bear for quite s0me years..

s0 on the c0ming 2010 electi0n, i h0pe..all of us w0nt just v0te because we are 0blige t0... but m0re imp0rtanly, we v0te because we deserve a better life..

d0nt let yourself be a slave of y0ur own land..
be part, v0te wisely .!

2 thoughtfulness:

mary narvasa said...

vote wisely. :)


my treat! :)

emO_pWnCez said...


...mp...chUm...qyugi kOh b...


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