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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You should create custom toolbar for all your forms.These custom toolbars should contain functions specific to the current form and tour application in general. To create a custom toolbar:

1) Select View: Toolbars from the database window's menu bar to display the toolbars dialog.
2) Click on the new button.
3) Enter the name for your custom toolbar and click on Ok.

Your custom toolbar is now shown on the list toolbars along with all of built-in toolbars.You can now edit your custom toolbar just as you would edit in toolbar.

*Adding Tooltips to Toolbar Buttons*
Every toolbuttons can display a tooltip. You cannot change the tooltip of any standard toolbutton in Access but you can change the tooltip of any custom toolbutton you create by dragging an object such as a form to toolbar.To change the tooltip of a custom button:

1) Open the shortcut menu of the toolbutton that you want to assign an image.
2) Select choose button image.The choose button image dialog enables you to select an image from Access's image library.
3) Type the toolbutton's tooltip help in the description field.
4) Click on Ok to accept your changes.

A shortcut to accessing the customize toolbars dialog box is to right-click on any toolbar and select Customize.

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