Tuesday, November 18, 2008

we're happy together..we're contented..and we think we're lucky to have each other..so happy that we both thought we will be forever..pero bkit biglang ngkaganun?..prang "toinkz!"..
where are those sweet promises?..pramiz pramiz kpa jn..bat ganyan keu mga boys?,.i thought it would last..akala ko lang nman..pero hindi pala..and it hurts.."ouch!"
it's not like keeping you hanging on or letting you read between the lines..im just testing your faithfulness..paasa ba un?..di nman db?..why did you get tired of waiting?..maybe because you feel na i have another one?..or maybe you think na im playing safe?..hndi kea!..huhu nhurt ngud kUh..
until now,nasa state of mental shock prin aq..coz until now..i can't believe the words that you uttered when you say you're tired of waiting..coz of that reasons..if you only knew..haiz..
i can't explain na until now ikaw prin..na until now i just can't get you out of my mind..or maybe in my heart[shocks!]..rina ikaw b yan?..nfairnez,di ko nga mxado na explain..
it's like i can't move on..prang nging tayo nuh?..hEkheik=) no.seriously until now,neither i can't force nor dare myself to fall inlove with someone because of you..hoping that someday..you will come back..and i really swear..you're too different from other guys because you let me feel how to be a "princess"..and thanks for that..you care for me so much..
but things still went wrong..so now i'm asking..WHY?..but then,im sorry..hope may blog ka para nbabasa mo to..pero lam ko nman na wala eh..kea nga nman sinulat ko to..hekheik..

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