Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Linear Data Structure
- in which insertion and deletion is possible in linear fashion .example:- arrays, linked lists.
General type
List (or vector or sequence)
Associative array(a.k.a. dictionary or map)
Non-Linear Data Structure
General type
Specific type
Adjacency list
Adjacency matrix
Disjoint-set data structure
Graph-structured stack
Scene graph
M-Way Tree
2-3 tree
2-3-4 tree
B+ tree
Generalized search tree
B* tree
B# tree
UB tree
R tree
Hilbert R-tree
R+ tree
R* tree
K-ary tree
Binary tree
Binary heap
Binary search trees (each tree node compares entire key values)
Self-balancing binary search trees
AVL tree
Dancing tree
Red-black tree
AA tree
Scapegoat tree
Splay tree
Top Trees
Interval tree
Exponential tree
Trie family (each tree node compares a bitslice of key values)
Kd trie
Radix tree
Sparse trie
Hash trie
Suffix tree
Directed Acyclic Word Graph (DAWG)
Generalised suffix tree
van Emde Boas tree
Binary heap
Binomial heap
Fibonacci heap
2-3 heap
Soft heap
Pairing heap
Leftist heap
Skew heap
Other Search Trees
(a,b) tree
Fusion tree
Syntax tree
Abstract syntax tree
Parse tree
Space partitioning
Bounding interval hierarchy
Bounding volume hierarchy
BSP tree
Kd tree
Adaptive kd tree
Implicit kd tree
Kdb tree
Other trees
And-or tree
Hash tree
Metric tree
BK tree
Cover tree
M tree
VP tree
Finger tree
2-3 finger tree
AVL finger tree
Non-lazy finger tree
Decision theory
Binary decision diagram
Decision tree
Alternating decision tree
Minimax tree
Expectiminimax tree

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