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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

" ang sabi sa science..

only one thing can occupy a given space at a given time...

kea aq..

hindi aq naniniwala na ang isang puso..

kayang magmahal ng dalawa...
it's either joke lang yun love for d oder 1..

or kea...

sa sobrang liit ng pagmamahal dun sa isa..

nagkaroon pa ng space ....
para magmahal ng iba.."

why is it a need to meet someone
that will make your heart beats when he's not meant for you anyway.?
why is there a need to crossed your way when he's not suppose to stay.?

and why is it when you've already learn to love him, he's now walking away.?

these are the questions i have in mind-the questions that keeps on bothering me.

that the one who was once the reason behind your smiles and happiness is now the reason of the tears that's running down your face.?

people get hurt with love because they try to deny it's presence or it's absence.
don't make things complicated because it's hard to find an answer.

if you love each other, build up a relationship where in you'll both find true happiness.

if you know love has faded, just let go and don't dream as if there's still chance for love to come back.

if you feel that the one you love doesn't love you anymore, you're definitely right..
because if that person is loving you still and is inlove with you really, there's no way he'd let you feel that way.

love is the only thing that keeps us exist in this world. so keep on loving. keep on surviving.

remember that above all, God is with you. He listens to your every prayer but grants only the best for you. three precious things to do..

live at the best.. for it is the goal of all who exist..

laugh.. for it is free..

love.. for it completes the three..
haiz...princess thoughts ends here..

2 thoughtfulness:

neljustine said...

,,si mitch na naman bah ang contributor nito..,ang galing mo..perfect...,

pwancesz maiee said...

c mitch ulit yan..
galing nya nuh.?

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