Monday, August 17, 2009

A. Discuss what you have learned and understood about what DBMS is,so far.

I have learned that DBMS is responsible in building up or managing database.It is a collection of interrelated data together with a set of programs to access the data, also called database system, or simply database.

The primary goal of such a system is to provide an environment that is both convenient and efficient to use in retrieving and storing information.A database management system (DBMS) is designed to manage a large body of information. Data management involves both defining structures for storing information and providing mechanisms for manipulating the information.

In addition, the database system must provide for the safety of the stored information, despite system crashes or attempts at unauthorized access.B.Define how each of the ff. fit and function within the framework or relational DBMS system.

*Data field- all area in a computer memory or program or screen.It is a place where you can store data. Commonly used to refer to a column in a database or a field in a data entry form or web form.The field may contain data to be entered as well as data to be displayed.

*Forms- a kind of specifications of which data types are you gonna use.

*Foreign key- the uniformity and simultaneous access for your a referential constraint between two tables. The foreign key identifies a column or a set of columns in one (referencing) table that refers to a column or set of columns in another (referenced) table. The columns in the referencing table must be the primary key or other candidate key in the referenced table. The values in one row of the referencing columns must occur in a single row in the referenced table.

*Queries- Allow us to view data in different a form of questioning, in a line of inquiry.

*Records- The answered queries that you had put on or stored.

*Reports- Allow us to format a data.It is a document characterized by information or other content reflective of inquiry or investigation, which is tailored to the context of a given situation and audience.

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