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Monday, September 14, 2009

it was tuesday. i got up from bed late because i didnt set the alarm thinking that my class will still be at 1 o'clock. i dont know but i really feel lousy that day. i kept on contemplating on bed, rolling around, to let the time pass. i wasnt even able to make my bed like i used to, and instead, i headed down the stairs and fronted the computer. its like something or maybe someone, in my mind urges me to do so. and then i opened facebook and go directly to all the apllications that makes as my routine already. without my knowing, when my favorite application has done loading, i notice that there was a note on the floor of my pet's house. when i opened it, it came from him. :) and when i clicked on it , there the note said 'ang cute muh tlaga baby bunn :)' . i smiled and paused for a while. that time im smiling because of the message.wow! someone notices my baby bunn. wee. c: but when my nerve normalized, then i realized that i dont know that guy. (my god).

i searched on his name: bryan. yes. he is bryan. but still i dont know him. well, i didnt mind, i continue playing all the apps that i used to. after hours of playing, a chat box popped out from the bottom right of the screen, and guess what, its he. bryan. saying 'hhi'.

my eyebrows met, and i felt really confused of this guy. i didnt reply, and he continued, 'xtah kna?'..
like 'huh?' i dont know you.
and so to break the curiousness, i then replied. 'kilala muqu?'.. i waited for a second to his reply.. "uo, atlast, nhanap qna acount muh. tgal n kea kita hinanap"
like 'as in? panu? bakit?'
and so, something aroused my interest to know better about this guy. after minutes of conversation, i found out that he was my school mate way back in elementary. yes. elementary. he knew me well while i dont. my mind is blank with thoughts of him. as in i really dont know him.
but that very moment, we were able to know each other better and reminisced all the things that i forgot. :)
same approach happens every time i open my account and he is online. we used to chat and even tell just simple things but thoughtful enough like, 'how was school', 'how are you today?', and all the like.
same thing happens till now. were so close in petsoc and even make those pets real and functioning like humans. we used to send thoughtful messages through our pets. as in soo sweet.

and i can say, its really nice to have a friend like him who doesnt take advantage of the closeness we have. and i think, its really hard to find a friend like him because eventhough were so miles away, we try to be like so close to each other, care for each other and help each other. lifting our souls when one of us is down. like imagine.?! were so far from each other, i dont know him, i supposed to not care for him and so as he, to me. but whats happening is that, it contradicts.

now i realized. distance doesnt matters as long as your objective is clean and good. just thoughtfulness and truthfulness. and thats what real friendship means. the friendship weve got.

now, we still chat to each other when were online. send messages through our pets and care for each other,.. though he's far... i dont even have his number to keep in touch with him all the time.

thanks for the friendship. i hope you wont change. :)

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