fortune sadness

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

it was a typical tuesday night (prang kanta lng. lols) it was an ordinary night for us all writers wherein kuaJ asked for our 16th issue article in the publication...

after that, we headed back to where we should be. :) ofcourse. well, that night for me was not that good. (mei paepal xe ee.) aside from that, i dont have yet assignment in my math subject. lastly, my stomach is already complaining..

while were walking in school crossing to get pedicab, we decided just not to, because of some private reasons. (ganun.?!) so that atleast, we can save money naman keit panu, db?. haha. and since we have a guy companion, so not that scary to walk late night.. (though mer0n tlga deep ris0n y we do so. :)

we just created a topic for us to be busy talking and wouldnt mind the aches of our feet.. im at the back of my two companions then, and while busy listening to one of them, i bow down and look at my phone to see if someone's replied, unintentionally ive looked down near along the canal. (s0 messy.! :) and to my surprise, i saw p100.. yeah.. as in..

i supposed not to care and think that its just a paper but then i saw two zeros.. haha. x0o funny. and i decided to pick it up and see by myself...

"wait guys,"i said to them.. "100 pesos", i continued and let them see..

to their surprise, "wow.! share.!" haha. (grabe un reacti0n nu? x0o g0od. hihi :)

"okay. where are we?", i said..

we looked around. and we saw Jolibee.. its like our minds coordinated very well that time that we said in chorus the name of the fastfood infront of us.. "Jolibee.!"..

were laughing while walking to the Jolibee..we didnt mind how small maybe it was, but were glad that atleast.. haha (alam nah. :)

sad to say. one of us wasnt able to come because he's worried that he wont be able to catch the last trip.. aw?

still, we went to Jolibee and there we ate..! ..talking what a fortune night we have had..

fact: that night were sad because we planned only to eat pancit canton.. hehe.. but that very moment, it turned into something more delicious... and yummy.! weee. :)

haiz.. whatta life.. :) thanks be to God...

mabuti na lang mei epal..
mabuti na lang we decided to walk..
mabuti na lang mei kxabai kmi..
mabuti na lang..
..mei Jolibee..

2 thoughtfulness:

DJ Rem said...

Ahw? ba't 'di ka nangimbita? :[ huhu
...sarap naman ng life
pinopulot lang pala ang pera...kita mo!

Sa susunod hah...invite mo naman kami...

Paul Denver Sy said...

wow! pagkaswerteha gud lamang... heheeheheh...:)

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