...a tragedy that bring us together

Sunday, September 27, 2009

When it is already nature who asks for revenge, all of us-either poor or rich, cant do anything but to deal with it.

It’s really distorting how this typhoon ONDOY caused too much destruction in the history of the Philippines. Its not the devastating winds that usually bring major damage, but the unexpected record-breaking rainfall that causes massive flooding all around Luzon relatively in Metro Manila, changed the whole lives of each filipinos.This could probably be the worst disaster that the country has experienced in recent years.

Lots of people are suffering until now. In the reports, local and international, it is continously being seen and said, the weakening situation of the filpinos all over the Luzon area. How they are stucked on their roofs since yesterday because of the high-level water and how they starve because of no food to eat. Their properties were destroyed, flowed out with the water and even their love ones who were unfortunate to beat the current of the water were of no exemptions..

All was gone with just like a snap. Terrifying and exhausting for a small country like of ours. But it is gladful to feel, that filipinos cohere at this point of time of difficulty and did not waste any minute to reach out their help to those who are in most need. Politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and even ordinary people combined their efforts to help those people.. every little thing they can offer , to atleast lessen the burden of the suffering people, they gave it all-with no confuse and regrets. Even companies from different places on earth offered something that will somehow, sustain the needs of their co-humans..They communicate well with each other, prioritize those that are worth prioritizing for, and they pause on their pace just to express their love and concern..
See how powerful love can bring?...

It is really joyful to think over, that eventhough the world is fast
changing and with these change the world has become numb and
unconscious as a dead stone in nowhere, still… when difficulty comes, the whole world stops on their individual productivity and hold hands with others to make the possible impossible and to make a history that will benefit the whole… and that will make this world a better one…to prove to each and everyone that this world is not as cruel as it may be, rather, a trustworthy place to live in…that there are people who pay attention and becomes not just people but people with hearts…willing to give love and help..

Tragedies come and go.. but along these tragedies come the loving hearts and concerning minds…bringing us together to eternity…

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