...s0meday it's g0nna make sense

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"..and life will take you high and low
you gotta learn how to walk
and then which way to go.. "

..these lines of the s0ng i've heard awakened me.. 0f wh0 i am.. and what i wanna be in the future..

in 0ur life, we have goals to achieve. with these goals, we're striving hard and w0rking s0lely t0 fulfill it.. along 0ur j0urney t0 success, we enc0unter a l0t of circumstances.. circumstances that c0mes in many f0rms.. that in 0ne way or an0ther, will try t0 dist0rt us, d0wn us, and leave us h0peless..

s0metimes, n0 matter h0w hard it is, h0w painful it is f0r us.. h0w great we fall, we still manage t0 get up and rise again fr0m were weve been stucked up, t0 c0ntinue the purp0se 0f 0ur existence..

with the help 0f 0ur L0rd Jesus Christ, with the c0urage and determinati0n we have 0n 0urselves.. n0 matter h0w th0rny 0ur r0ad t0 take may be, we still dare to get w0unded because we kn0w f0r a fact, that all will be w0rth it..

when we are d0wn, we sh0uld n0t be affected and instead be 0ptimistic en0ugh t0 deal with th0se all.. when we feel l0nely, we sh0uld n0t belittle and instead seek the c0mf0rt of 0ur God.. when we are ab0ut t0 lose h0pe, d0nt be weaken and instead c0ntinue believing.. think that y0u are still breathing, every beat 0f y0ur heart, every sec0nd y0u have, can change everything... s0 make the best out 0f it..

life, at m0st times, is n0t exactly what we want it t0 be..it is perfectly designed by G0d but imperfectly seen by humans..

we sh0uld n0 be disc0uraged with pr0blems because God w0nt give pr0blems He kn0ws we cant bear.. there is a reas0n and purp0se f0r everything.. and n0 matter h0w hard it is f0r us t0 understand, just have faith and trust in G0d..

stand still and d0nt l0se h0pe.. after all, s0meday... it's g0nna make sense...

1 thoughtfulness:

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

yes all of us have a goal to achieve..but sometimes we cannot make it..

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