Monday, November 15, 2010

No one can change the past, but we can definitely avoid whatever is bitter in the future.

It’s so frustrating how some people argue on something that is nonsense, something that’s already passed. Making each other feel regretful. My gosh, were in the same family! If we let each other fall and believe only in one’s ability, we can’t bring out the best in the group.

Isn’t it so nice to work with humorous and true people, with no shades of fakeness? Pretty sure everything we do will contribute to the success of our goal, yea? So why on earth we act like crabs?

It’s true we can avoid frustrations in the future, that only if, we try to understand each other. We can do these guys, but if we keep on watching and blaming each fault, we can’t move on, we can’t grow.

Yea. Though everything seems so vague now, I’m still positive that there is hope. Just be the friendly you. The humble you. The good you. And the smart you :)

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