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Friday, November 19, 2010

varied emotions fall to sadness

My enthusiasm to play badminton with my buddies pace off because of that call. Okay, it was one of the tough individual I really looked up to. Well, because I really admire the way she teaches and when she talks, I get astounded.

Now when I just about to look for rackets for our play, she ring the office. One of the staff answered but she was looking any of the editors. Unfortunately, I was the only one there. Without any idea of the topic, I answered still, politely. "Yes Ma'am goodafternoon, waht can I do for you?"

I was dissapointed when she started speaking to me with that manner, with that tone. Though I felt confused of why was she talking that way, I managed to listen attentively.

So here's the issue, she was disappointed with one of the articles written on our issue. According to her, she was angry of our unjust journalism. She stressed that we keep on bullying their department. She even said that what we have published on that certain topic were all false-written.

I thought, how the hell could have been like that? I mean, we are journalists. we are supposed to write based on facts, with balance and validity. We are getting both sides to balance the issue and we wont ever published with bias. more importantly, we are not publishing certain matters without the approval of our adviser, who is a media practitioner, and a lawyer at heart. all the articles published were scrutinized from editors, former editors who extends their help to us, up to our adviser.

And so I cant believe how she said that. How she reacted that way. * blameless* It only goes to show, either way, they are guilty of the crime, or they didn't expect their statements had effected such form.

Anyway, thanks for reading our paper!

Anyway, I dont want that thing to spoil my day. So, we headed to the oval and and enjoyed playing badminton, jogged and had 5 curl-ups *smile*. Afterwhich, we had good time eating balut and tempura at the boulevard. Thanks Papa Jesus! :) I love my buddies...

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