cold and rainy night

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here comes the rain again. Hear its annoying noise from above, feel its shivering cold, and empathize into its sadness.

I really don't understand why. But when it rains, I feel sad especially when I'm all by myself. I get to capture all the memories in the past, and started realizing how I missed them so much. I also get to hear the songs that succumbs my being, the love they brought to me, the things I liked to do are perfectly visualize, and I can't help but to cry. Keep myself from reminiscing, and eventually long for that moment to replay.

So usually when it rains, I always make myself busy on some things, though not that important. I avoid to instances of crying so hard with those pictures in the past that I missed so much.

As the rain starts to pour and gets hard, I feel like being in a far away world, with no one around...
Sometimes I frightened, because I felt like losing the ones important to me. I feel like I'm the only person in the world living.

Thanks to our Father God, who is always there beside me. Watching over me and making me feel in real comfort. I know He's always there to guide me, even in the darkest moments, I'm certain, He's there to protect me.

He has been, and forever be my greatest refuge.

2 thoughtfulness:

Diamond R said...

times like this is good for the soul. a moment with God

Rina said...

@diamond: Thank You for the comment. yea, its really good to have time with God :)

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