Friday, November 26, 2010

Okay, you might think I'm crazy. The last night I'm talking about causing hurt to someone. The other day I'm talking about the hurt that someone had caused me. Now, you see? I'm talking about happiness!

Yea, I know I might be insane. Who wouldn't think? tss. I guess, there must be something wrong in my being *kidding*

Seriously, I really wanted to be happy. In all the things I do, times I'm engaged with, people I love and those who love me, works I usually do, leisure times I'm still having, and all the like. I wanted to be happy simply because that's a virtue for me. If you keep on smiling, you might as well lifting up the souls of those who are weary, those who are in need, even with a delightful countenance.

I'm happy! Because even just a second *unsure* I didn't put a frown on his face. We've been together for almost the whole day. Just together. enjoying the beauty around. He was by my side anywhere I go, and though we ate our lunch quite late already, at least, we ate together still. I had full lunchner (dinner&&lunch) with him. *burp*

I'm happy! I texted my mom while ago and we chit-chat for awhile. We planned to watch a pageant in town tomorrow night. With Shane and my Dad of course. Pretty sure we'll have quality time tomorrow. It's a perfect bonding for us, lemme relate those past weeks I wasn't able to go home. i missed them so much! And I wanna be with them if time would just let me. Any ways, I would really love to be with them tomorrow.

I'm happy! Well, I didn't really hoped for this but it came just true! *happy* Woa, Father God please guide me. I wanted this to be a blast. I've been wanting it for so long, and how I wish you would guide me all through. I trust in you Father God. "Nothing to worry Rina, just be the real you." I hope everything would just turn good for us. I'm really excited!

I'm happy. Because were happy together. I can exert the best efforts in all the things I do because of him, of his determination to push me going. I do appreciate it all. And I thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for the support, you never ever let me down. I love you <3>
To my ever loyal parents, thanks for the constant support and understanding. Though sometimes misunderstood, I still love you so much! And I appreciate your nags at me. To Father God, who sustains the power and love on me, thank you. I would forever praise you and trust in you. i love you above anything!

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