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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have you ever tried forming these signs? To whom do you usually show that? :)

It's pretty cool to communicate through some unusual forms, yea? And it's much cooler if it's exchange between two people who seems to have their own world of relating to each other, agree?

Well, I myself is fond of using those hand signs because I see it as nice way of expressing yourself. Perhaps, you're amid the crowd and you don't want others to seize both of you. Other could be like, you're quite far distant from each other, and the only option left is to use hand signs.

I really find it more sweet and cool. Cause my perspective is I wanna stand unique among other things which are commonly done. And I wanna communicate with ways I am comfortable to, of course considering that the one I'm communicating to, also comprehends.

I find it really cute *winks* It has been, and will always be cute for me. The medium that connects us despite odds.

Just a moment ago, I did the same hand sign for him, and he gladly replied back :) Some people might wonder what it was, but the hell I care? *sarcastic laugh*

You might wanna try it too, I bet it's one of the coolest!

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Good Man News said...

Nice entry :)

Btw, I am your new follower, hope you will follow me back and be friends. :)


Self-Taught said...

I'm following you, my name is Carlos from Brazil, and invite your readers to visit my blog, and, of course thanks so much to exchange links with me.

Rina said...

@antonio: done following you :) your blog is great too :)

@carlos: thanks for the follow :) its my pleasure to be your friend :)

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