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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Tae ka ba? Kasi hindi kita kayang paglaruan"

This is one of the really awkward-cool lines from the movie "My Amnesia Girl" we watched last night. Yea, it sounds like "huh?" but the latter is very heart-capturing. :)

I loved the movie so much. It portrays the importance of heart memory than the temporary loss of mind memory. And most especially, the having of so called 'second chance.'

I really admired the ways how the guy, (John Lloyd) bring back all the nice memory they had with the girl (Tony), who pretends she has amnesia.

Tony chose to pretend she has amnesia all because she wanted not to remember all the pain that John Lloyd had cause him. She was able to disguised, but not until he learn to forgive John Lloyd on the process and had fell in love with him for the second time.

John Lloyd on the other hand, showed Tony all the love he has kept for her through the years they were together and didn't mind all the consequences and hardships that he's gonna bear just to let Tony feel she's cared and loved by him since from the start. He was able to gain the forgiveness, and probably the trust that Tony once had for him.

In the end, they were able to surpass the let say, 'karma' of cowardliness, cheating, and being mean. *winks* They were able to bring the love they had once before, and from this time, a more true and undying love for each other.

See how inspiring it was? I also loved the line that John Lloyd's dad said to Tony after John Lloyd got amnesia in real -- "Ang amnesia, sa utak lang yan. Pero ang pusong tunay na nagmamahal ay kailan ma'y hindi makakalimot.."

Have gone watching the movie already? Great! How about those who haven't yet? Hurry up and be inspired by a true love! :)

Thanks for the great movie, Ren Angelo :) lotsa love

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Chesel said...

I really wanna watch the movie. But it's not available here in our place. I might as well wait for it in an online streaming websites. lol

Rina said...

really?what country are you in?

Yea, to wait for online streaming is the only option :)It's really nice :)

chamiechamz said...

nice! hindi pa talaga ako nakapanood nito. huhuhuhu

chamiechamz said...
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Rina said...

@chamie: watch mu. super nice :)kilig sagad sa bones. hehe

bloggersreview said...

very nice entry.
I guess I have to watch that then.. hope its still there tomorrow..

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