Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Okay, I won’t be going around the bush any longer, to save space, perhaps? Or maybe because I don’t wanna keep you reading *smile*

Im choosy. Its been quite a long time already when Ren and I, are looking for sassy blings, but we really couldn’t find one. We’ve been plagued by so different styles but not an inch of what we really aim.

Im sad a bit. Im just so overwhelmed of the idea of having that bling on my hands sooner or later. We really thought were way near to what is really the best. Until I get disappointed.

I hoped. That one day I could find that best bling. Sounds desperate but yea, I really wanna have it.

Im enlightened. Finally I already found the bling Im looking for. Its on the net! So many vintage blings are on sale.

Im sad again. After checking the prize, I realized it’s posh. *bitter* But then…

Im surprised. I never thought Ren was looking for a better,his own way. He bought the bling I wanted and supposed to give it on our monthsary this month. I won’t elaborate more on how it became ‘supposed’ but glad and happy I have my bling!

It’s such a contentment of having the thing you wanted and its much nicer because it came from someone special.. Thanks much! :)

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