Monday, November 8, 2010

This post was inspired through the efforts of, let say, wasted mammal messing up overtime. Gladly now I post thee, this faded life’s best :)

I wonder how some people ever think of themselves as someone that everybody must look up to, yet when they act, their tainted-attitude flied out like a waft disgusting your way.

I wonder how he dominates the people as if everything’s under his control, as if everything’s his property, yet when he speaks, full-filth trash ridicule your senses.

I wonder how he ever tries so hard to seize everyone’s attention, yet when he starts to do, such an annoyance in aloof.

Worst is, when he gets leech-closed with others just to gain effortless assets. Too pathetic for they are larger in number now.

Hindi mo ba napapansin? Everyone’s sick of you! And if you think you’re funny enough to amuse everyone, get lost coz hindi ikaw ang happy clown. You’re but a fake plastic fool. I wonder how you ever sham a look like that. Hindi na masaya mga tao sa ‘yo. Correction. Never naging Masaya ang mga tao around you. So please, you better keep your ass on hole and mind your damn business. Who the hell do you think you are? If you leveled Einstein’s IQ then, were friends! For God’s sake, STOP that dreadful act! Hindi bagay, mukha kang tanga. And if you really need someone to burst out all the trash in your being, then here, piso Maghanap ka ng kausap mo! Gossh!

P.S Wag ka masyado mahangin, ang panget, hindi bagay sayo.

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