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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yehey! Finally I've created a so-cute princess header perfect for me!

How I was able to come up such work? Well, you wouldn't believe. I'm just letting my time pass inside the office because aside from we don't have class, I still wanna recall the stuffs I need to do with some of the articles.

There's no articles that needs to edit, I mean, we're done in our last issue this year. Yey! Also, there are no obligations yet, plus when I think at home, I can't find loads to do yet.

So what I did was open my blogger account and have blogwalks. I also checked my plurk account if I gained another Karma. Luckily there was! And since we're not allowed to open Facebook account until 6 in the afternoon, I instead checked my Gmail account to know 'bout my facebook status.

In the process, I get bored and thought of doing something worthy, and so I tried experimenting the Photoshop, and tried to make a new header (the last one was made by Kua J). I get fond playing with the tools and making a nice 'something' out of my pictures during the TN Editorial Staff Pictorial, so I continued and had a good time.

With a little knowledge in Photoshop, I was able to come up with a s0-so cute header (for me) How was that? :) Isn't that nice? *ehem* This is not so easy to do, I'm telling you now. You need to be patient really. I've consumed 3 hours doing this alone. Yea, 3 hours cause I need to make a nice one.

Yet, it's not perfect. If you try to look at it closely, you'll see the flaw(s). Anyways, I'm happy with my work. At least I made it, right? :) *right*

If you wanna make one too, you must have a Photoshop, enough patience, and an artistic mind :)

This is all for now, Enjoy blogging!

3 thoughtfulness:

mary said...

I like it better without the flowers. Na stretch man :)

Adang said...

u look so pretty :)

Rina said...

mary: really? Cge change ko ulet :)

Adang: thanks :)

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