For his 20th Birthday...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my prince and I

Wanna let the whole blog world to know that at this very point in time, one of the very appreciated and loved someone of mine is gonna embrace another year of his existence. And I wanna share with them too the joy I have for you on your remarkable moment.

Wanna let them know how lucky I am, I was able to be with you on your 20th year, and still the same person who’ll share laughs with you and gonna share your life anew.

Okay, this post won’t be a usual and typical greeting. It would contain a message full of discoveries, for uniqueness, and love, for realness. And I’m gonna convey all the annoying-yet-bubbly-sweet attitude of him.

· Super Pasaway. Heis certain a pasaway guy who always knock your feet off. He always do things stupidly cause that’s what he feels to do. *walang basagan ng trip*

· Makulet! Yea, in exclamation point. He often does things beyond your expectation. Though he knows it’s annoying, he still insists cause he JUST wants to.*ewan ko ba*

· Waley. Yea, it’s like reading between the lines of his corny jokes. As a matter of fact, he still needs to explain how he’s joke goes that way before I eventually laugh at it. *So waley*

· Iyaken K Yea, he’s really an onion skin. He’s super sensitive emotionally. He really wants attention and care especially from the one he loves, cause in that way, he feels appreciated.

· Sweet! With exclamation point again. Yea, I wanna stressed that cause he really is. He always please me, sends butterflies above my head, and flies in my belly. I just have more than enough.

· Patient. Really patience is a virtue to him, that’s what I wanted from him the most. He is patience in all my dim-witted deeds. He’s patience extends so much even, that he can wait for me so long if I’d let him.

· Understanding. Maybe that’s part and parcel of his patience. He understands me more than I could understand myself. He understands my moods, though it’s him hurting. He understands my situation, though it’s him sacrificing. I can’t ask for more.

· Generous J Well, he’s really kind giving. His kindness even goes beyond to the extent of buying something for me on our monthsarry even if he allocated the money for his pair of shoes. He always pleases me everyday with pure delights.

· Hard Working. He is cause it’s his nature. His responsible enough to acquaint with things he’ll be bearing. While studying, he also has part time jobs. Maybe cause he talents were exceptional. Often times, teachers from different schools would ask him to have drawing tutorial and p\photo editing. *in-demand masyado*

· Artist. Yea, he is a certified great artist! He puts art in everything he does. Even to penmanship, drawings, wear clothes, and in bringing up a good life. He is also great in putting art into my life, what a colorful piece.*ehem*

· Man-with-no-vices. Yea, he is naturally. He admits he was influenced by his friends trying cigars and alcohols but he can’t live with it. His friends even tease him because he can’t survive in drinking and smoke. He said that he has tried them for curiosity, and promised not to waste his life for that. *Weh? :P*

· Helpful. He is a superhero in mortal form. He helps others as long as he can, without restraint, without much *blah-blah*, without refuse at all. He helps because it one way of gaining trust and friendship from people.*Mr. Congeniality*

· Romantic. Superb. He really is so romantic. I can’t even imagine he’s willing to do corny-crazy stuffs (for others), OA deeds (for some guys), and shameful scene (for other girls) in expressing his love. He is way more fantastic yet realistic in heart. If only I could name all those romantic-surprise of him, they’re just too many to mention. *I’ll write a separate post na lang*

· Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic! :D He is a cute, funny-sweet creation of God, who sends off me, making me smile all the time. He’s exhaustless. He’s alert 24 hours. He’s sunshine in the rain indeed. He makes sure I’m getting a hundred percent happiness every time were together.*clap.clap.clap*

· He’s serious. Serious in the sense that, aside from his playful side, he is motivated with seriousness. He wants a stable ‘US’, without shades of tricks and lies. He wants a focused and mature relationship, who does not only seek for someone who can be with, in times of boredom, who just want other people see he’s in a relationship, in that way he's a cutie. Way than that, he wants because life is too short to waste for someone who doesn’t deserve his love. *And that’s ME!ayee*

· He’s in GOD’s arms. And he loves that fact. He respects and values GOD above all. We often go attend masses every Sundays, and we even sign the cross when we get to pass by the sanctuary of GOD.*Amen to that*

· He loves me so much. I can attest of that. He loves me more than I do. He wants what’s always good for me before him. He loves me unconditionally. I sometimes think its unfair cause he’s not getting the love he’s giving to me, but I’m certain he won’t let me. He always look after my sake like my father, advises me of the clothes I wear like my brother, talk to me naturally like my sister, guides me in everything I do like my Mother, and understands me the most. He is my best friend too cause he never criticize me, nor betray me, not back-bite me, like any friends would do. He’s always there to support me - a whole family package.*yey!*

As you read along, I hope you feel the love and grate that I have for you, and will always be with you. At the height of my insecurities and stupid deeds, it’s still you that I’ve got. Thank You for sharing another birthday wishes with me, and I pray more blessings and happiness would come your way.


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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

supah dupah appreciated ang boyfriend :D :D ...soo nice for the both of you.... ♥♥♥

Rina said...

Thank you Rolynskie :)

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