TN Christmas Partei :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sassy Stage

We really do not have enough budget, I mean, no budget at all (cause the reso was not signed yet) The money we used came from the revolving funds that we shared and from the camera replacement-amount. Yet, we were able to bring out the true success in the annual breakaway. It was really fun and full of joy.

It was a two-day Christmas Party, as what were used to. Also, in accord with the party is the must-sassy preparations and presentations. We really made the event worthwhile by putting effort in every outfits were gonna reveal upon the celebration (It's a must---cameras are ready every time) Plus, the first ever pageantry (we tried to be ambitious this time) attempt which fortunately, added enthusiasm on the program.

Though not all were able to come due to some considerable reasons, we still owe them the success of the party (and we wish you a Merry Christmas too) I know you're now leisurely engaging the ample time with your love ones, so enjoy!

Here are some of the memories we shared:

The TN Editors

Mga nangunguna sa kanarsihan :D
From left: Kenneth, Sheila, Me, Marga, Rolyn and te Dora

Vanity Inside

Inside the room, where everyone was so busy preparing, we managed to do some poses. Yea, rock and roll!
Major Major Practice
Were making the best ever Doxology.haha

exchanging of gifts
Mga sabik sa gifts.haha
From left: Japhet, Cheeno, Dj Dadz, Me, Arvin

With the candidates of Mr and Ms TN
Talagang kinareer ang pageant!haha BRAVO!
with the judges
I'm so not aware of this.hehe
From left: Me, Marga, Rolyn, Lycel, and..where's Tonio?
with the TN staffers
were so having fun! Halatang nagkulang sa photo shots.haha
with my purple team
Go purple team, go!
From left: Me, Sheila, Djdadz, Shenmae
Aren't the pictures tell about the happy moments we shared?
Indeed, it was one of a kind. It was again a moment worth remembering. Thanks for the time guys! I love you. (ayee)

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Chronicles of Bea said...

at least, nairaos din ang lahat! haha!

it's nice seeing you guys again... with those pics rina... hehe! somehow, it made me feel sad and teary eyed pa nga, knowing the fact that spending the last days before x-mas with TN is fun and memorable as well. I miss those kulitans and everything inside the TN premises and it makes me feel homesck (parang nag-aborad lang) basta, tell others nalang na meri xmas to all... I apologize for not visiting my FB account na rin coz alam mo na... busy busyhan ang lola mo these days... wish you hapiness and good health as always... thanx! meri xmas and hapi new year to all...

Rina said...

Thanks be to GOD :) Uu, natapos dn ng bonggang bongga! Don't be sad momi bei, isipin mu nlng, na late ka tas pg dating mu, tapos na yun party.haha (bitter?)

Sure momi bei, makakarating ang iyong mensahe makalipas lamang ng isang oras (aw?) :))

Miss you na!.huhu (Uu nga prang abrod lng) hehe

Nweiz, Merry Christmas Momi bei! Happy New Year pud :) Ako gift huh?hihi.

take care always momi bei, we love you :))

Self-Taught said...

Happy new year, my dear friend all the best for you, your family and your readers, thanks for giving support on my blog, Carlos from Brazil

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