There's a rainbow after the storm

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The start of the 2011 has not been so good to me. I already have plans for the year, even on how to start it right, but turned into something I never wished to happen.

My mother is confined into the hospital because of Pneumonia, and until now, she is continuing her medication. She was admitted since last Saturday, which was January 1, 2011. We never ever thought that a cold and cough would get severe and would cause her so much pain.

I even thought of making my year with them, something worth remembering, something worth experiencing. We even planned to go out of town, but it turned out the way I least expected. Indeed, God is trying our faith in Him.

Life, as we are all aware, is not that easy. We encounter problems which might discourage us in living a happy life. We might question the unfairness of the world. But I, though easily get weak, will promise to continue to hold on and fight.

I know God is within us, this is just a test of faith. I know, though my welcoming of the year was not that overwhelming, someday it would serve its purpose.

I believe and trust in God, plus to the people who are always there to make everything alright, and who are always there to lighten the heaviness I'm feeling inside.

Thank You Papa Jesus!
Thanks for the concerned.

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jessie said...

As a Christian believer, its been natural that we en-tossed our faith to God for whatever detestation we encounter along the way. En-bowed with superficial prayer, everything will be fine and okay. It so happened to your beloved mother that she was detested by time, the strongest faith we could ever offer to god is the weakest phase our life. That is problem in a case. So to you. my beloved friend, continue entrust your Faith to God for he will never really leave us in vain. Just hold on and strengthen more your faith to God!I speak prayer for the immediate recovery of your mother in deed.!! God Bless and More Power

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