Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Don't be stupid. Be an idiot."

This Movie entitled "3 idiots" was really practical and real. I do love a lot the plot and of course, the whole story itself. It's a story of love and friendship, parenthood and attitude.

The lessons it implies were really great and worth emulating. I'm certain all the teachers, students and parents must watch this movie.

For teachers. For them to realize that the best knowledge they can impart to students will not be based solely from books, but with the practical application and extensive trainings that focuses the subject matter.

For students. For them to realize that choosing a field is just like enhancing inner passion. That passion should be their profession. Despite the pressure from parents decision, and the urge of in-demand courses, they must listen in their heart first.

For parents. For them to realize that choosing the best course for their children is not based on what is good for their intention, rather, the one best for their child's future. Stop making their child a puppet and slave in the same time. It's good to listen to them for once.

For women/men. For them to realize that a good relationship will not depend on wealth, rather in compatibility. Don't be deceived in shimmering fads, remember, that a good loving heart will always exert the best effort to bring the fulfillment in the relationship.

As what Rancho (one of the idiots) said, Follow Excellence and Success will chase you in the end...

Let's always follow excellence, do the best out of our every passion, and we'll see, success will slowly come into our ways.

2 thoughtfulness:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

...the movie was definitely a hit :D good thing kita jud ko...hehe...

Rina said...

TAMA rolynskie.hehe

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