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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As what I have mentioned from my last post, Love season would be great if we experience to love and be loved. Even if for some, that loving won't last long. But I'll keep mine forever :))

Yesterday I was supposed to share to you how sweet and lovely my Valentine was. But due to some tasks to be done, I opt to do it just now.

Well, I believe it's still best to observe the quality of your work though it means a day delayed (just a day lang naman). Okay so here it was...

I wasn't prepared enough for the surprise. Well, who would be? :D My Prince asked me for a dinner. I replied I'm not sure because Mama might not permit us.

So what he did is he texted Mama and revealed his plan to her. Mama fortunately consent us to have time together after class. Oh well just like any Cinderella story, I must not stay too late outside.

And there it was, were glad we could spend time together, experience the love season with each other's company (considering the last Valentines day we weren't able to be together cause I'm at hometown).

It was 6:35 in the afternoon. And I need to hurry up so we can have ample time together. Little did I know that it was a surprise. He's been already asking me where I am, as if the tone in hi text message is somewhat like a reprimand. So I hurried up.

Seeing him waiting, I rush-went to him and apologize. I wonder how he ever replied with a smile, and then handing the blue flower that he has prepared for me. Following, a box which I knew what it was -- a teddy bear! (bby kulet has his brother already! Wee!)

We exchanged greetings delightfully. I was so grateful with his efforts. (sabi kasi corny yun flowers)I didn't expect it! (thinking we'll just have a dinner).

Then we headed to where we celebrate our 12th :)) It was a sweet reminiscing. So sweet from a guy I admired the most. The sky was filled with stars and the breeze of the sea dew lingered around us.

Indeed, that night was full of love.. and hope.. that our relationship will go stronger each day.. and trust.. that we'll be able to keep us assured from the love we have for each other.. and joy.. that we'll be happy with all the things we envisioned in our lives..

I know, Papa Jesus will always be there to guide us and to protect us.. Our families are also there to advice us, and friends that are there to cheer us up..

Happy Hearts Day again.. and everyday!

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