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Saturday, March 26, 2011

As far as my feeling is concern, I am really in a state of boredom.

Well, who wouldn’t be? I’m stuck here in the house with my niece for the whole day. Mama and Papa went to our hometown to visit my Lola’s tomb cause today is her birthday. *Happy Birthday Lola!*

My niece wanted to go with them but the weather really sucks, so they put her under my care.I’m thinking of going downtown cause I’m looking for something I’ll be needing for my OJT, but it didn’t turn that way cause aside from the weather, well I have my niece to look after.

Just as when they go, I turn on the computer and surf the net. Do stuffs that would make me busy and eventually would let the time pass. But it seems that my appetite on net gone fast than the clock. So I shut the computer down and watch tv with my niece. Cartoons are great but only for a short time. So I headed upstairs to watch for a real tv show. I found nothing interesting though.

Again I went downstairs and look for something else to do, I wanna eat. I looked at the clock and it’s almost 12 noon, so I cooked our lunch instead. My niece is just super hooked with cartoons that I’ve already consumed the food on my plate with her’s still unattended. So I fed her for about an hour. *Ambagal grabe!*

After eating, we rest for a while, I opened the computer again and try to have fun with sites I like, but it became boring to the max. So I thought of cleaning the room, perhaps, the whole house. And I was able to do so. I washed the dishes, swept the room upstairs going down, I also mapped the floor, wiped the furniture and the glasses, arranged the mess and all the chores! Still, the time seems to annoy me.

Annoyed with all the childish and reiterated songs of the cartoon shows, I let my niece sleep. I lie down beside her but I just couldn’t sleep. My monotony keeps me awake. I want to do something I’m not certain of.

I wanna text Ren, who, since this morning is already texting me and wondering if I’m mad at him, but I have no load at all. Though I replied online, it’s still not comfortable to reply with that. Plus, I’ve consumed the number of texts I have on the day, so I can’t text him anymore. I just played with my phone but it’s boring.

So I opened the computer again and look for something to do. I explored the Photoshop, flash, and downloading updates for my computer but I find it uninteresting esp that I’m not really into it and that I only have little knowledge in doing so.

So I just watched tv and luckily it was Tom and Jerry show. At least, I’m fine. *haha* until my niece wake up and joined me watching. We planned to go to the shop nearby to buy stuffs my Mom has asked me. We changed clothes and went to Cangs. We let the time pass even just for a while.

Ren texted me he’s coming to fetch us up. We went to the park and play with Shane, have a little time, we’re enjoying a lot not until the rain started to pour. So we hurried to the house while he went back to their’s. Time is not enough at that moment though. ^_^ Well, I’m not sad cause I can text him already, thanks sa load! JAt home, we ate ice cream, though it’s really damn cold. After which, we watched tv and again, a cartoon show.

Now, I’m on the net again. Almost done with something I never thought earlier – to blog. LolAs I come to finish this post, hope Mama and Papa will be here soon. It’s getting dark and I want them safe and sound. Now, I’m gonna shut this computer down again, and watch with my niece. To text Ren, and to wait for Mama and Papa :)

Bottom line: Nagpapa Update lang pala ng blog. haha :D

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