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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tomorrow will be the start of my 350-hour internship. I applied in the rural bank of amlan, where my hometown is, as a savings clerk.

Fortunately, I was hired and the manager even asked my availability to start. However, I explained that I still have to work on my internship enrollment and all the necessary papers for me to make it official. Well, saying official here means am gonna start working my 350 hours providing that am already enrolled in the subject, else, it won't be counted.

Unfortunately, am not yet done working with the paper stuff and am even in the process of evaluating my grades yet. First, I've been very busy with some things, I've been preoccupied with things I opt to consider. Anyhow, I believe there's still an ample time to complete my papers for internship, since some of my classmates haven't started yet.haha

Lucky enough, I've good friends to help me, thanks to Realie for agreeing to my favor of helping me finish my requirements since she'll has her duty inside school only. I asked her help in paying all the necessary fees and in signing various forms, and to finally let me enroll in the internship class. Thanks much! :)

Tomorrow will also be the moment where I could be acquainted with my job definition and perhaps, with different kinds of people that I'll be working with and i'll be dealing with. Am I gonna undergo orientation? ^^ I certainly hope so! am already imagining the moment I'll step into the door without having idea on what to do, where to go and how to start.lol

However, am confident enough that my uncle, who also helped me to get the job, will extend his goodness to me by tomorrow. I know he won't put me into shame, yea. Am also looking forward to another set of smiles that my co-workers will show me to uplift my spirit towards my job.aw? Also, Papa Jesus in guiding and blessing every work that I ought to do by tomorrow.

Papa will send me to the place early tomorrow since my duty will start at 8am. Mama on the other hand will cook a delicious breakfast for me to face the day and my job accordingly. My niece to brighten my day wit her joyful smile. Also Ren, who'll also work tomorrow :) Thank you po!

I just hope and pray that everything's gonna be fine :) Good luck also to my batch mates who'll be working tomorrow, who are already starting, and to those who are still looking for a job. We can do this guys, Aja!

Hey, my job will be a data-based :) am gonna work on MS excel or access maybe.

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Orange Pulps ♥ said...

wow :) this calls for a treat te rin after the ojt ends...hehe..yehey!

Rina said...

waha. Hope meron ding 'H' rolynskie ^^

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