today was our (33rd) fairy tale :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today was again, another fairy tale. Cause Ren and I celebrated our 33rd months together.

I just had my strenuous IPR as usual. We had it for three days and two nights. Okay, so we planned to spare a little time with each other last Sunday, our arrival from two different venues -- Zamboanguita and Bacong. (To tell you, I prefer Zambo cause it's fresh and new but I also like in Bacong cause there has signal) :)))

Going back to the topic, we weren't able to find time cause he still has to eat his dinner (and it's taking a long time he said) and I needed to go home early cause Mama's been asking if when will we disembark (aside from I badly needed a modest rest that time). So that's it. I found myself sleeping and when I woke up, my inbox was filled of his unread messages.

This morning, we decided to wake up at early 5:30 and meet at exactly 6 a.m. I set my alarm to be sure. I was startled with the alarm tone and immediately text him to let him know I'm awake, and in just a blink of a second, his message was received. So he's excited to see me too :))) 

Unfortunately, I really don't know why, but I then again found myself sleeping. The dark clouds which enveloped the skies deceived me just so well and I thought of closing my eyes to take a slug nap for a little more time.

After a few minutes, finally I was awaken. Again, filled with his messages, asking me if did I go back to sleep. He's been waiting outside for quite a long time already! *Owh no!* I jumped out from the bed and get myself prepared right away. Just so shortly that I did not mind to take my bath.haha I just wash my face and brush my teeth, change clothes, and dash! Luckily, I was able to catch my prince there. *I'm really sorry* :))) 

Of course, I tried everything that I could to gain back his mood and he sweetly forgave me with all of my lousiness. Plus, I was able to steer his sadness. We agreed to head on our happy day.. I had a nice time with you :)))
Thanks Papa Jesus :)

2 thoughtfulness:

Albert Einstein☺ said...

Congrats te RIN... Standing strong for 33 months..

keep safe...

Rina Marie Rubia said...

haha. Thanks Albert :))) You as well, keep safe always.

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