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Monday, October 24, 2011

Today is the start of the enrollment for the second semester. And as the usual, I wasn't able to savor at the best, my sembreak ever. 

Anyways, last week while contemplating on what I must do to hasten my enrollment process, plus everything in it which include the additional subjects I need to load this sem, the uncertain availability of my behind subjects, and of course, the whole enrollment process itself, I've ended playing Mario games.

On Monday, I planned to wake up early as possible, but my loins is aching and I just can't go on preparing for a busy day ahead. So it took me couple of hours to stipulate myself. It's 11 in the morning. He fetched me and we headed to school. The university vibes churned before us as we passed in front of the gate and parked the motorbike nearby. My throbbing lower abdomen worsen as I see long lines of students queuing in different pedestals. Poor them. But poorer oh thy self for soon I'm gonna join their dull pace.

What we did was basic. We get our grade forms yet. Luckily, there were no streak at the Masscom room. Yee! And then I stared on my every grade. Impressive, yea. haha But at the bottom part, there I've spotted an IR grade (means the grades weren't passed yet to the Registrar's office from my teacher). This is a headache, I said to myself. Yes, for that indicates that I must first go through chasing my teacher to eventually proceed to the enrollment process. :/

We went to his office. Unfortunately, he wasn't there. He's not feeling well today, they said. Probably tomorrow he's fine to give us our grades. We detoured to Governor's office for his sign and next to the Librarian. That signing stuff alone consumed my one and a half hour. It's 12:30. That's why. I'm feeling terribly hungry. My glass of coffee paired with a piece of peanut butter bread this morning isn't enough to sustain me as much as I wanted. So we decided to take our lunch.

And my hibernation came to an end. I took a deep breath *char* and walked to school which is only few meters away from our apartment, and proceed. I got my overload form and paid the various fees. And since our scholarship isn't approve yet, and the IR mark needs to be complied tomorrow still, then there's no way of course to spend my entire occasion to join those thousands of students lining in the Cashier's office to pay certain fees (I lacked NSF fund for scholars). I'm gonna leave it for tomorrow instead.

Tomorrow I know must be another varicose-gaining day. :)))

Later after partial of everything, we got a little time (Ren and I) together. We thought of deliciously fluffy crinkles and coco buns (our favorites) and dropped to the nearest Breadcamp branch to buy some :)) and since my throat is jagged and he's not feeling well too, we instead bought an iced tea drink than that of our usual Coke. And promised to take medicine when we got home.
Tomorrow again :)))

2 thoughtfulness:

Mai Yang said...

buti nga kau may sembreak, kami wala :(
I mean, may sembreak pero nauwi din sa training. hahay

Rina Marie Rubia said...

hehe. Okay lang yan Mai Yang :) at least may napala kau sa training :))

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