Early bird

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

... catches early worm. 

I've been very busy yesterday, the second day of enrollment. Supposed to be, all senior students were done enrolling themselves last Monday. But due to that IR grade, our supposed-to-be-quick pace was halt. We cannot simply proceed to the enrollment process until our teacher has given our grades yet.

We've been trying to ask for our college dean's sign but she's not allowing us. Lucky for some of my classmates who were there early before their office opens cause they were able to grab her sign. Now, she's giving us a hard time. We've been trying different gimmicks but they're of no use.

I hope, as I go to school today early, I'll be able to have a smooth flow, since our teacher promised us that he'll gonna give us our grades at 9 a.m. 

AJA to me!

3 thoughtfulness:

Albert Einstein☺ said...

IR lang? maypa. ako drop!

Rina Marie Rubia said...

As in? Okay lg yan Albert. That's part of growing up. Sunod, pagbantay na sa imu sched during encoding :)

Umi said...

Go, go, go! Konting tiis na lang. :D

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