Tuesday, November 8, 2011

As in Oh, my gosh!

Today, is the official first day of school for me. Well, yesterday was supposed to be, but I think some teachers prefer to move it a day later :) *Strike 1 to them*

Since I opted to have my everyday classes to start early (Yes, as early as 8 a.m.), then I might as well stand for it. I tried  to persist the habit of waking early 6 a.m. even when I'm still staying at Amlan during the sembreak, so I can able to get use to it and finally practice it during schooldays. Fortunately, I overcome those morrow lethargy.Yipee!

While walking for school this morning, I took my load slip from my wallet to see where will be my first room located. It was at AS 37 (fourth floor of the CTHM building). *Okay, a morning exercise* 

The towering ladder up to the top building was really tiring. So exhausting that I shortened out of air. After a brief orientation, our teacher signaled a soon dismissal of the class. And Just as when she was about to end it, I took my load slip again to check where I'm heading. At CAS 309 (fourth floor of CAS building, few meters away from CTHM but I need to detour since the guards n duty won't allow us to go shortcut) 

My Gosh! I'm not aware of this tight spot! And I'll be burning more than enough fats recommended for a day! This is just too bad. I can't believe that the rooms for my two classes were far apart. During the encoding of subjects last enrollment, I only looked at the schedules for me not to get lost. But I really didn't mean that even in rooms' selection there is conflict :/ 

The trudge I just did this morning was dramatically weakening. How much more when I do this kind of agony at least 3 times a week? *Oh, no!*

But I can't do anything to change it, can I? Editing of subjects is no more allowed by the registrar. I think what I needed to give a try this time is on how to be a determined rambler, that of with lightning effects. ^^, So that I won't get the chance of being late. No. That's a No-no for me.

AJA for my incessant classes EVERYDAY :)) And to you too fella :))

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Albert Einstein☺ said...

hahaha same tayu te Rina. After my class in Inorganic Chemistry at ST 45 (4th floor of ST building)I have to skeddadle to AS 45. Hahaha! Torture! After, I have to go back again to ST building to attend my another subject. Tiring, indeed!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

kaya na te rin ^_^ and before you know it, you'll be slimmer...hihi

Anonymous said...

Ayun! First day of class! hehe.. Good luck!

Aww, keri lang yan. Hindi ka pa nun, meron kang early walk.. early exercise. Before you know it, you;re getting slimmer na. naks! :)

Rina Marie Rubia said...

@Albert: haha. Kawawa naman tayo Albert. Tsk.

@Rolyn: Nyaha. Magdilang anghel ka sana :)

@Leah: Sana magdilang anghel ka din ^^,

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