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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wait, had he wore like this when he entered the campus? :))

Today I stowed the TN office among the other members who opted to stay as well in that room. Some have articles to encode, some have drawings to scan, some have pictures to save to folders, and some have other pertinent matters to do in there. While some, winked their vacant time to get some conditioned air, free internet while some rested on the noisy bamboo chairs for a little while.

We're busy performing these busy schemes, when someone knocked the door three times. We looked at the door and then exchanged glances with one another. No one dared to near the door and open it. Until it opens by itself. A  tall English guy wearing casual was behind it. He greeted us though he forgot to introduce himself, and directly introduced the topic on his hands. 

In Design. He asked us if who among us has the knowledge about that Adobe application. "What about it Sir?" 
"I wanna have a partnership with you." Sounds interesting, I said to myself. 

He continued he wanted to work with those who has the knowledge of In Design because he related it's the key factor that will change the fate of his online career. Naks! He wanted to hire those who can help him, give them assignments to do, and promise to pay them a good amount after completion.

The designs he'll be assigning will then be sent to the web programmer. He will only work for design that's done only through In Design which will be the actual interface that will appear on the screen. It's somewhat like a screenshot, that will later be coded by the programmer for functionality. With this, he believed that a great number of people can share profit and opportunities. While the work will be divided well cause more heads are better than one. And the quality of the product will be met even at the early period of time.

So I let the InfoTech students write their name on the piece of paper the guy handed me, which includes Name, phone number and e-mail address -- where will serve our meeting places. Isn't that great? No matter where and how this will take me, at least I won't regret. Cause I've given the 'sudden visit' a try ;)

I'm sleepy. Gotta research for my assignment and review notes for tomorrow's quiz before I finally close my eyes ;)) Byers!

5 thoughtfulness:

Albert Einstein☺ said...

niapil pud bya ko even if I am not an IT student! hahaha. joiner!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

haha....basin fake ra na sya... ^_^ pero char lang!

rina said...

@Albert: Haha. As in? Kadawat nako sa iya email. Gadugo ako ilong dah! haha. Kaya natin to Albert. haha

@Rolyn: I believe he's not ^^, kay I've seen his profile naman sa Web, and he's been in the online career for 40 years now :)

Albert Einstein☺ said...

You have an award te Rin on my blog. It's the Sunshine Award 2011. hahaha

Rina Marie Rubia said...

Wow. Sweet naman.hehe Thanks Albert :)

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