Here we go again

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Though college students don't need to ride on a school bus to go to university like that of the image above, we're still related cause we're both heading for another daylong student activities.

Halloween's over. We've gone through 'trick or treat' stuffs already. We've uttered peaceful prayers to spirits or souls of our ceased loved ones during the holy hour. We've lighted pieces of candles lined outside the house in the early evening, cooked foods and offered at the Altar which somehow we believed would pleased the spirits. This have been, and will I think forever be part of Catholic tradition during all souls' day).

So what's next? We're now heading to classes of the second semester. Although I knew that my first class starts at 8 in the morning, I wasn't able to prepare early for school cause of the weather. Yeah, blame it to the weather. It's raining. Hard. And as usual, it made my morning a bit tedious. Plus of course, the thought of today is still a holiday. Yes, for some maybe. And I belong to them ^^,

At 9, I decided to go to school. There is serene. All was quiet. As calm as the raindrops falling from the gloomy skies. And yea I should say. I should have agreed to my instincts earlier. That there are still quite numbers of students lining towards the cashier's office to pay their tuition fees. Some are yet to encode their subjects while some are busy photocopying the papers needed before they can proceed to encoding process. I even encountered some who are still to get their grades, or who has gotten their grades yet and who will yet start the entire enrollment process. I just can't believe it.

I went to the office, get some conditioned air and sit for a while. Think for interesting stuffs to do. Opened the computer, browse. Nothing's in there. But I didn't stay long for I felt a bit ache inside my tummy. I'm hungry. I must go home. :))) Tomorrow again.  

BTW, I've copied some movies from the office. Gotta watch it here later with my brother and cousin.

2 thoughtfulness:

Albert Einstein☺ said...

nganung sa 8 pa ang klase?


I am just confused, what's the meaning of BTW?

HAHA! So primitive!

Rina Marie Rubia said...

Haha. Kay lucky number daw akong number na 8 :))))

BTW? by the way :))) haha. Okay lg yan albert :)

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