Looks like we made it :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

♥ This photo was taken last enrollment 

I can still remember those times when we try so hard to be together without being caught; how we make so many alibis when they started to sense something between us; how we struggle to hide the envy we feel when they tease us with others; how we strive to keep the relationship strong even if we’re running out of means; how we try to live as a normal couple despite the forbidden rule; and how we love each other faithfully amidst these seemingly tiring situations.

To go through these all was not easy, though. Remember the moment they finally caught us, being together? All of them we’re just, “what?! Are they serious?”, “They’ll never make it to fourth year, I bet”, “Oh, they won’t last long. They’ll just regret.”

These we’re painful, but are already expected, anyway. But hey! Look at us now, we did it! Yes. We just did it… together. We proved them wrong! I’m glad we didn’t listen to them. And now that the school year has come to an end, I’m proud to show them that here we are, still happy in love J

Looks like we made it, yea? 

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Ryan Adik Nga Lambay said...

Sabi pa nga ng pastor kanina (Sunday ngayon at nagsimba ako. Huwah mag-react), love is a choice. Sabi niya, fall inlove by means of character not by feelings. Kasi yung feelings mo raw, traydor yun. Oh, diba, ang hanep. Haha

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

*heart eyes

wow ate rina. congratulations to the both of you. you really made it despite the challenges. i should say i have witnessed (some) of those ups and downs of your relationship.

yey! go for GOLD ^_^

@ryan: nag simba? huwaw! but i have to agree with your pastor. Fall in love by means of character, and not by emotions. niceee.

neljustine said...

I'm happy for the both of you guys..
just keep it up..stay in love...
..miss the both of you..

Albert Einstein☺ said...

hey Rina tagged you on this one http://mr837.blogspot.com/2012/02/11-questions.html

^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Conratulations to both of you! ^_^

"Pakakasalan ka tapos hindi ka rin naman pala kayang pakainin tatlong beses isang araw, saan ang pag-ibig dun?" gusto ko 'to! ❤

great post bai! ヅ

P.S. We love meeting fellow Filipino bloggers, please hop over our blog & hopefully we can follow each other...ッ



- wrey ^_^

Rina Rubia said...

@Ryan: Yea, fall in love with the character :) Salamat naman at nakapagsimba kana dn ^^

@Rolyn: Thanks Rolynskie :)

@Kua Justine: Thanks Kua Just! :)) We miss you too! ^^

@wrey: Thank you :)Followed you :)

Jessie said...

I am happy for the both of you..Stayed strong despite those challenges,, hehheh, wish you all the best in your love affairs..LOl, Congratulations..

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