Thalatta escapade

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yes. T'was a total escapade. Majority of us didn't ask permission from our parents.haha Ren and I, planned it last week and my friends wanted to come along. So it's a double fun! :))

Thalatta, name of the resort means "the mother of the sea", it's a greek term actually. The owner is a French man, so as with the manager. (I got these facts actually from the manager) He was really welcoming and kind. Yes, cause he's hospitable enough to give us light during our pictorial at the place, and kind because he didnt' hesitate in giving us a lift from Zamboanguita to Bacong. (cause he's heading that way) 

I love the ambiance. The water in the pool is actually sea water. Yes! When we first got into the water, it's beside the falls thingy, we tasted sour water. We thought it's our lip gloss, until one of the personnel who's trimming the grass beside told us that it's really sea water. 

Come and take a look at our pictures :)))

 Thalatta Beach resort ;) Front view.
 Sa pool. Craving much sa poooool!
 Ang tres marias ;)
 The Narci group. Go sa timer! :D
 Nagsa-sun bathing daw kunware :D
 The Narci group :)
 Wew! Fresh air talaga :D
At the entrance
That's all folks! :)

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