Trying to be back

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Heya! This will be my first post after the graduation, in which I'm currently treading the path of what they so called 'real life'. I just hope this real life won't be as hard as my thesis last year ^_^

Well, I miss hanging here in blogosphere and of course, I miss the people I've used to share insights and opinions herewith. Along with this first ever post after the hiatus (or was it really a long break?)  I had, I just hope and pray I can linger here more often than not.

Today is Sunday, and I'm gonna spend an hour to worship my God later this afternoon with my brother. I had many sleeps within the day, yea know? Yea, I missed sleeping. long hours of sleeping cause you don't have to worry waking up early for another shift.haha The more I crave, the more I'm suppressed, but before when I don't mind sleeping at all, I've got all the chances that were slipped away. --.

Anyways, I'm trying to be back to blogging. Yea, isn't it obvious? :) But I'm pretty sure it's gonna be only during Sundays cause my work requires me to report 6 times a week. So hectic. So exhausting. But it's gonna be worth it I'm sure :)

... Already had plans in mind to accomplish. Aja for me! :)

2 thoughtfulness:

Jessie Dolia said...

Go for Gold Rina..
Your dedication in your new job, would actualize your plans in life.. I know greater heights still await you ahead.

Go Rina, it's exhausting yet inspiring right? Anyhow, I know you can make it. Best wishes to you!

Noblesse Key said...

Char, naka-updte siya bai! hahahahhah...excuses!!! You can blog everyday...hey, have you followed me?

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