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Monday, August 27, 2012

The morning bliss, the left-over star dew, and the sweet melody of the native birds have waken me up vigorously. This is gonna be a good day!

            My outfit for today, Yea, bring it on!

Catching a serious cough right after the dismissal of our last meeting in training is totally weird! Literally I should say.

Four of the nine of us opted to wait for the rest while they're being evaluated. Well, I guess that's how strong our friendship gone - to not leaving each other in times one needs a gracing company. While waiting, we we're so busy bursting out our feelings of the possible issues (of course, not our momentous spiels) they've been long discussing inside that much like of a conference room.

My workmates. From left: Edward, our unica ija :D he's very buubly and insecure. haha! He loves Beyonce and Starships. He loves boys, too :D He's a good friend. Jona, Kervey, the silent killer. haha! He's like a puppy, you cant go without him and more so, you cant leave him by himself! :D And hey, be careful when you promise, cause he seriously counts on it. Lades, Maybs, Key, the confident one. Kuya Kim! haha. Has a fluffy hair, haha. He's bright and  the Mr.congeniality :) And he's 50:50 like what one would say at first look.hihi Momi Ann, Don, the masculine one. aw? the teacher's pet.haha He has a good voice :) He's the messenger  (of good news) :D They're good friends.

We are the good girls :) From left: Maybel, her Bristish accent will really drop your jaws down. You should be intimidated there and then! She's crazy at times, but you can count on her :D ; Lades, our hopeless romantic, but had bf(s)  :) She's silent but dangerous and has more to show. Better be watchful ;) ; Momi Ann, our very caring mother in the group. Though she's a bit age-forwarded, she's still IN! And posing a wacky thing like this is just one of her best characters :) ; Jona, she's silent but when she strikes, you'll totally get mute for a moment. A concerned lass full of wit :)

In the middle of our wild imagining, I felt this unusual pain in my back. I remembered I'm wearing a thin-clothed blouse. This must be of the aircon temperature, I said to myself. But no. I've been wearing this for how many times now and it didn't pain my back like this. I hold my breath for a second and voosh! I sneezed out! My body shivered for no reason I can comprehend, and I gripped the back of the seat, pulled it and sat right away. There and then, I twitched and totally stopped tagging along with their pranks. I sat there like a sick puppy.

Have a break. Have a coffee. ;)

Poor me. Why am I feeling sick at this point in time? I must be happy savoring our 'perhaps' last day together. Or at least, make the best out of time while waiting for their assessment to finish. So I managed (should I say 'managed' really?Oh, gosh they're contagious!) to continue smiling, laughing out loud, pretending as if I'm hale and hearty in front of them (not to spoil the moment as well).

The evaluation was ended. They came out not so fine. I can sense it through their faces. I can't draw. Something's wrong. Summary: they have been extended for a couple of weeks, plus the waiting. This is a bit sad news for us, for them. Haiz. As much as I wanted to put back the once vivid smileys carved onto their faces, I just had no enough moral fiber to push it through. This unusual prickly-heat feeling of mine is keeping me absurd and totally void. I can't even comfort them the way I'd supposed to. But hey, they knew exactly how much I hoped for the best for each of them. 

Ouch! My head is aching :(

Everything will be fine. Except for this ripening agony of my fragile internals. Haiz. Any moment from now, I'll collapsed. I'm certain I'm sure to succumb these runny nose, weakening fever, back ache, oh-so-sore throat and what else?! ;( I'm SICK! Totally sick...

But I managed to eat a piece of biscuit, drink a glass of water, take a medicine, change my clothes and puff! Everything turned black and quiet. Rest well, Rina. Tomorrow is another day.

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Noblesse Key said...

wahahahahah...igat kaau ang last photo...headache? ses!

I really hope makuha ta tanan...wahahahahah...

nalingaw ko ani, impairnessstttt...

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