Baguio Breeze on a December

Friday, May 9, 2014

We we're just so lucky enough to avail of the Piso Fare from Cebu Pacific Airlines. Yes, you've read it right. Piso Fare! Ermergerd! It's like about P1,500 for a round trip ticket =) Isn't it amazing?

While busy filling up the form thru internet, we are also busy, in fact our minds are so preoccupied, thinking on where to go -- that very perfect place to be in December. *thinking* And then suddenly, I just blurt out the word. “Baguio!”, I asserted.

All their eyes were glued on mine, trying to digest the suggestion that just came out from my mouth. “Good point well made”, they break in silence, and smiled with their eyes wide open surprised.

Yes! We’re going to Baguio. The ambiance there is perfect for the month of December -- cool, misty, and quiet. And then I imagined myself wearing a winter coat, with matching a scarf around the neck. And then I’ll be in boots, comfy undershirt, and anything perfect for a Christmas getaway :)

So without further ado, I’d like to share with you the happy hours of mine and my coworkers who come together for this pleasurable vacation (Yeah, I could say vacation cause we are idle from work for four days, men! What a life!)

Come, take a look =)

Touch down! :) Oh, look at His majesty :)

One of the finest places to eat :)

And we're finally here at Manila Ocean Park :) Let's get this started! :)

Wondering how could they ever move their limbs in the water :) and wishing I can, too :)

One of the finest transient houses in Baguio city :) Good morning earthlings! Good morning Baguio! :)

While we made our entrance at Baguio Botanical Garden :) with the oldie native :)

Their must-try strawberry taho :) Just tastes so good :)

At Mines View Park where the view is so astounding :) Apparently, I'm wearing their native costume :)

Again with the native costume, I managed to ride on a horse and pose a perfect smile :D

The View: Isn't it amazing?

Of course, their main product and delicacy, strawberries! :)

Okay, so here we are at Camp John Hay and ready to made that spine-tingling thing they call...what? I forgot. Amasare :D

And I'm on the top of the world, laid back, and nervous :D

At strawberry farm :) Oh, I love the place, the cool air, and the strawberries! :) 

At Tam-awan village :) Creepy cause of the foggy surrounding :)

Bagay ba? hehe. Nice one, kuya :)

Strike a pose, though shivering :)

At the grotto :)

See this? The entire Baguio city is below me :)

At Burnham Park :) We're kayaking and savoring the coolest breeze in the Philippines :)

Trails of Antarctica :) Another icy experience! :) The temperature is negative five, uhuh! :)
The vacationers :) on our way inside the Oceanarium :)
So there we are guys! Happy reading! :)

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