My first day on Earth

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

...for the year 2014 ;)

As promised, topping the list of my new year’s resolution, I should BLOG more instead of FB-ing for apparently, turning random thoughts into a full-text inscription is more productive than just expressing it into words or phrases.

Well, since this is my first day, I’d like to share to you how we welcomed the New Year. Last night, we busied ourselves helping out to prepare a sumptuous-fair-enough meal (it is believed to do such a thing to make the rest of the year prosperous as well). *though I thought more of kicking your ass off and getting into your feet as means for success*
Tadaa! The fruits (and all edible foods to eat) of our labor. Let's eat everyone!

My not-so-perfect (but true and beautiful) family. Ayan! Mga antok na. haha!
This is Feng Sui actually, but she turned out a Kung-Fu kid. haha!
Kung-Fu kid vs. Man of steel-head. haha!
Moreover, as part of the personal custom, each one must also plan ‘plans’ and come up with a New Year’s resolution. This is believed to guide you as you go treading the path to another journey in your life. More so likely, an improvement to make your life more productive and valuable to live. So I came up with these not-to-brag-about arrangements:

1. BLOG more instead of FB-ing (that’s more productive). Yes, I achieved my top list today! Yay! Hopefully, I can continue this endeavor, though not every day, but at least, more often than not.

2. Read more books. Yes, I should read more books, those of good quality and worthy of my time, which will, with a bit of luck, enhance my vocabulary and at the same time, bring me contentment and new ideas.

3. Meditate during idle hours. Yes, this is the most important thing I could do during my fallow instances. Instead of engaging into dull and barren stuffs, I should make it a habit to be alone with Jesus - Feel his presence for encouragement, words of wisdom, realizations and fatherly love, helping me achieve His plans for me.

4. Engage in sports (particularly Badminton, but running will do *wink*). Badminton is my sports during my teenage years (twas 2 years ago when I lost my teenage era), and I’d really say I’ve been preoccupied with work that I completely become monotonous. This year, I’ll try to bring back my pace. BTW, we planned to register at the nearest sports center adjacent to our workplace and apartment. Perhaps running will do too (an hour or two). hihi

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Yes, I must emphasize these 2 overlooked yet vital foods. I’ll try to refrain from eating red meats (that of pork and beef), and be a mini-vegetarian instead *though I’m already trying*; this time I need a little more effort ;). White meats (fish and chicken) should become an alternative source.

6. Realize plans. This is really general, cause I’ve got a lot of plans on hand. I’m just too timid to push them through. Perhaps I lack of time (cause aside from working 8 hours a day, I also do a work-from-home job, extra work for extra income *now that’s productivity* ;)). I’d really love to try working abroad, but I don’t know if I really want the though of being far away from my loved ones, alone and independent. The idea is overwhelming and I really wanna give it a try. I just hope this anxiety of mine dies away sooner than later.

6. Be more loving, considerate and patient. Cause these are the peculiarities I’m having a short of. More loving and passionate to people who needs my help (especially my family; sometimes I’m being a selfish bratt); more considerate to people who fail MY expectations, yet trying; and patient in waiting for things that are desired and prayed for, and patient in understanding tough situations that are unpredictable.

7. Be happy! This is the most exciting part of it all. To look for randomness that scattered just around the globe that will make me completely in a high spirit - cheerful lass. Myself. My being. :) Probably, a chance to bring smiles to other people, too :)

These are outlines alone. Without moving a single step, there will be no progress at all. I MUST make a change. And that change starts within ME. :) *so help me, God*

HAPPY YEAR OF THE HORSE (2014) earthlings! May the odds be ever in our favor!:D

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