reunion :))

Thursday, May 6, 2010

it was a joyful reminiscing!

it was supposed to be a 'drop by' only, it was not really in the plan, it was abrupt, a come-what-may get together, we're all not prepared, everything was unexpected, yet, thank God! it turned very great because we savor every moment just naturally and right.

well, it was seven years ago since we didn't see each other, my classmates way back elementary, specifically grade six. and bein with them even for how many hours only, was totally a blast! it was such a pleasure to see them again, even if there were just few of them who came due to the fact that majority of them are not available.

obviously, we missed each other a lot! we all look strangers yet distinguishing, happy smiles, giggle laughs, 'astig' gestures- these are some of the characters that i still remember from them. we've had a great time though not so enough to mingle well and to talk about some stuffs we miss to talk about. :)) but definitely, we had a great time! they are such wonderful pals to keep forever...

here are some of our 'walei'moments together:

location: sm annex grade 6- mercury. oh dba prang class picture lng.. well, i miss this really :))

location: padis ; emman, me, cathy. the three princesses.. aie, 2 ln pla.. peace em! :))

the GIRLS: "girls are fond of going to the CR but not to pee, only to retouch :)) that's a ccording to cathy.. yeah cath, ur right! "

location: Landmark foodcourt; table 1 please! hehe. sa sobran dami xe, ndi kasxa xa 1 table.. by batch nlng un pg pic huh? :))

"LABAN", we all believe that character is higher than intellect. hehe pg ualang corrupt, ualng mhirap.. ayee ^^

here's dietrich and celine, two of the pretty faces of mercury batch.. :)) always blooming. labxxuu.

from left: erwin, emman, billy, armen and johnrey. c armen ln guy jn huh?hehe. they're all cool guys, jamming to the max!

here's sittie and roxanne, they're also close to me, roxanne was my neighbor and sittie ws my neighbor too. hehe xe i used to hang out in their house. :)) amixuu much!

location: sm annex. asan nga ulet c darren? aun! haha. yn kc.. nng iiwan :))
pt xa elevator, d pnalmpas! hehe. "tama." :)) tnx kua. u know hu u r..

bestfriend 4ever! ea cathy, hihi cute pdn! :)) labxu cath! thanks xa VIP access. hehe

class pcture aain?!hehe.. nice pose guys! gud thing nkasama na c billy. :))

location: Padis , haiszt. kwawa nman kmi ni celine, hanggan juice nlng :)) gud girls. hihi

wd roxanne. i miss her really, we used to go to school together xe nga were neighbors db.. qleet! :))

ps: guys, un plan ntin huh? imgne. a whole year will be more than enough to be prepared. kk? hehe.. see yah guys! i really appreciate the efforts! thanks to you all! i had a great time being with you guys.. see you next time! thanks for the VIP access.. haha :D labxu all!

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