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Sunday, July 25, 2010

was it a miracle?

It was a typical afternoon when my mom and I, were watching ASAP XV =) .Until suddenly, my mom broke the silence between us and said aggressively, "Look at this!" She hurriedly went beside the stairs and get something. It was a bottle with at least 1/16 water. I asked "What's with that Ma?, Nakakatakot ka naman".

There she narrated what happened. While they were about to take their breakfast last Sunday, my mom get three plates for them [my lola, my cousin and her], she one-by-one placed the plates also pointing to the chairs for each person. But amazed as she was, there spilled out water coming from her plate. They were shocked with the scene. The two plates were completely dry. While her plate, full of water, which was almost glass-filled. It became more mysterious when my mom poured the water into the bottle and it was filled with almost 1/4. [It became 1/16 because he drink some of it]

My mom then was terrified and asked my Lola what's the meaning of that. My lola answered calmly that my mom should not be scared instead, keep the bottle of water and suggest not to tell it to just anyone. She should not be scared because it was "water". According to my Lola, water is good.

I searched what's the meaning of what happened but there was none. Simply, its unexplainable. I think?

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