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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In life, I believe that what matters most would always not being the first on everything you aspire to have. Being that last is way better cause certainly there’s nothing would come next. For what you think you deserve, would solely be yours forever.

But at some point, there are ‘memorable firsts’ that just couldn’t hide. Cause the sincerity and joy it bring leaves a smile in your heart that much. And it would always be my pleasure to recall that kind of ‘firsts’ over again.

First Dress: Pink! He gave it to me on my birthday. The one I wore during our Korean-themed IPR in TN

First Stuff toy: Si baby qleet! He gave it November last year before our meeting in TN. The one I used to cuddle at night

First 12thsarry: At Jo’s Inato by the Sea, Sibulan after church. I was so surprised by the place and the necklace he gave to me. Exactly what I’m wearing until now

First Pillow: Tweety Pillow! He gave it during our monthsarry after I got home from Manila. The one I want to be beside me at night.

First Night picnic: At the Bermuda Park in Pulantubig. Where we enjoyed time together with friends. I really loved the surprise, the place and the people!

First picture together: At the Robinson. We receive free pic shot after eating in Jollibee. It was sudden. We’re really not prepared but hey, the feeling was awesome!

First swimming together: At Bacong beach. When we supposed to attend the Alay Lakad but ended up swimming early dawn.

First drawing together: At Burgers Delight. While waiting for our coleslaw burger. It was really icky because we’re wearing IT uniform, still great.

He’s first studio picture: At Aldea. I asked him to as a replacement of *** picture he torned. I also want a pic of him besides.

First baby picture: He gave it to me during our monthsarry. This was inside the card he also gave me.

First Date: Valencia. December last2008. We went to Forestcamp resort (?) to just see the place. We talked much and drop me home.

First fight: I would not brag about all our big fights, rather our first fight. When he didn’t reply to my message.

First hang-out with his friends: Yea. Linx was there. I’ve known so much all his pasaway deeds and how he was so ‘coward and gay’ *LOL*

First fam-introduce: During Christmas last year. He celebrated Christmas with us :)

First fam-introduce: I finally know his mom :) This year January.

First cry together: August last year. When I unintentionally hurt him but there’s no way out. The pain was just there that time.

First subject we’re classmate: Math last year. We don’t have any idea really that we are classmates! He just saw me sitting, and be sided me.

First song: Can’t take my eyes off you. The very first song we sang together while on the motorbike. Screaming just to get the note *LOL* but it’s sweet.

First Movie: I almost forgot. But we usually watched together? T&J right? With Shane *LOL*

First Valentine together: After my sponsor ball. We ate tempura and balut at the Boulevard.

First card letter: The so cute card he gave me on monthsarry. I just love it that I used to read it really.

First mass together: At Valencia church. Cause we used to play at the playground sa Park after the mass. *LOL*

First treat sa BH: Donuts with ate far :)

First thing we bought together: Kikay Ballpen. For you and me, yea youre gonna use it too. The one Realie asked from me cause it's soo cute :)

First Holding hands: Sa Valencia. When I'm out of my balance through stairs.

First Kiss: ??? when was that? :))

bby?add some firsts na wala naapil, if you have some :)

It's always hapy to reminisce some good things that happened, yea? And it's also right to cherish them forever in your life.

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ren said...

wow!speechless and inspired...never thought na those things are special to u pud...things that are worth to chersih forever...memorable moments that would make me smile everytime i would think about...rina marie rubia,my baby,u may not be my first but i guarantee u to be my last...and i will prove that to you every single day...i love you baby...mwuaah!

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