i just hate it

Friday, October 29, 2010

I just hate the uneasiness I feel every time I'm tired and got nothing to do with it. I mean, I gotta bear to it or else, I'd die.

I just hate the awkwardness between me and some persons I'm engaging with. I mean, to talk with them cause there's no way out.

I just hate the gloomy weather every morning and scorching hot in the afternoon. I mean, it's unpredictable and unusual at all times.

I just hate the enrollment process cause of it's slow pace. I mean, deal with it or better not to study and be a good-for-nothing.

I just hate the mosquitoes around me. I mean, I need to smell 'off lotion' first before I can dash to everything.

I just hate my unfocused attitude of not to eat heavy foods. I mean, I've been eating all through and I just can't stop myself, they're just too yummy!

I just hate the night cause it's terrible. I mean, I'm tucked here alone cause everybody's on bed now.

I just hate the internet bugging real-time. I mean, I need to refresh pages over and over again.

I just hate someone (ngayon lang naman) cause of his absence (super late na kasi). I mean he told me he'll be on the net a second yet not here.

I just hate the fan cause it makes me shiver. I mean, I cant turn it off cause it cools the loppy off.

I just hate the noise outside cause its making me deaf. I mean the ambiance inside is numb and noise really such an annoyance.

I just hate my tummy cause it has flies again. I mean, I don't know exactly what I want - to eat cause Im hungry or to sleep cause Im full (baboy syndrome)

I just hate the time cause it's getting late. I mean, how time could be that fast? (bago ka naman ng bago rina) it's only 8pm when I log on and now it seems I must log off already.

I just hate some let say, KSP (kulang sa pansin) persons who lurked dimly at school. I mean, they're worse than rascals!

I just hate some people cause they're too immature. I mean if they really were concerned, then they should have cohere. No more time for personal motives.

I just hate my stupidity while ago. I mean, I could have lost important person and so I'm lucky I'd able to bring that person back.

I just hate my eyes right now, they're becoming blurry and about to close. I mean, I must finish this first before I sleep, else you won't be reading this, are you?

I just hate the loneliness Im feeling right now. I mean, it's been a week now when i leave Amlan, i so missed my mom already. (ok lang. uwi na ko bukas!)

I just hate what happened this afternoon. I mean, I've been plagued by mosquitoes and ran out of time cause of my OA(over-acting daw. ouch!) drama.

I just hate writing this cause thoughts were disorganized. I mean, I planned to write solitary topic but ended up relieving my complicated thoughts occupying my mind.

This has to end...

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