a blessing

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Going to church, gets a bit feeble for someone who has red butts like me. But that one fateful Sunday just changed the way I used to value masses.

I guess, that sermon of God (through the priest) was the most vivid of all the virtues He’s sharing to every believer. Cause He talked of how powerful a single sign of the cross is! truly a blessing…

An insane man climbed to a coconut tree without any reasons. People who passed by was astonished on what they spotted. A man up to the tree! Everyone bellowed the man, asking him to go down. Hours passed, still no one around him had able to please him, until a priest came. Situated down front of the tree, the priest looked up to the man and smiled. He graciously signed the cross to bless the insane man. At last! The insane man hurriedly made his way down the tree. People were amazed and asked “Of all the people here who asked you to go down, why to him you believed?” The insane man, still frightened, muttered “Because he signed that if I won’t get down (The name of the Father and the Son), he will cut down the coconut tree (And the Holy Spirit)…”

A blessing indeed! Imagine what a true blessing a sign of the cross can bring? It might sound ridiculous, but full of meaning…especially to those who, even by coincidence, looked at it the bright way.

We too, can save a life by practicing a true blessing to our everyday lives – meditating words of God to bless others’ lives as well.

Have a fruitful Christian Life!

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