Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Okay. I'm trying to be okay.

Some people just don't have the even slightest sensitivity to certain matters. I mean, serious matters. They always wanted to be followed, they always demand for everything, they always impose obligations and respect. And I really am finding it hard this time.

I've always been such a mute on this endless situation. I always wanna give up. But as soon as I think and realize how fool would I be if let myself down her level, I pull myself from guilt. Yea, she's close to me. I looked up to her, I obey her every words, all because I love her.

And so its painful much to experience being hurt from someone you love. I mean, you get disappointed and terribly down.

Okay. I'll try to understand her. *I always do* But this time around, I must speak up, so misinterpretations won't harm anyone of us. Especially the cherished-relationship between us. I love you, I really do. And since I'm the one who understands, who can patiently bear tolerable, yet sometimes awful doings of yours, I would, at the height of my values, understand.


Thanks to my comforter on sad situations like this. I really appreciate, and I'm feeling better now. Love you! :)

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