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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are you fond of collecting fashionable 'anything'? It can be shoes, accessories, bags,dresses and among others? Well, I think that's human nature.

Grown from the city, I really am fond of fashionable and 'kikay' stuffs. Though not all all, could pass the standards of others. For me, my style is none of any kind -- it's simply unique.

Usually when I dress up, I wear it either of my feelings and emotions, or I wanted merely because that fits the occasion I am in. The clothes I wear, definitely speaks of who I am. And I highly believe that a person dresses up according to his personality.

When you're an 'emo' type, you usually wear dark shirts and pants, with matching blank ink on your eye line. When you're kikay, you ought to wear cake skirts and cute tops with matching colorful blings around your neck and hands.

Or you're a conio type? You wear light colored-polos and skinny jeans. Probably you're a smart type, that you wear turtle neck dresses or 3/4 sleeve blouse and pencil skirts. Perhaps you're a so-woman type, that you wear curve-flowered mini dresses and tight-jeans with sleeveless tops.

What else? Whatever it is, it would still depend on your personality.

Though sometimes, people get to adapt the 'in' fashion. We tend to change the way we used to dress up because we like to be one of those that are popular, seen on tv, and whatever reason. Yea, it's not bad at all. It's not bad to imitate especially if it will fit you the best.

But what if not? What if you are trying harder to dress the way it should be but still ended up like a fool? Would you continue to bring out that fashion, or go back to where you're supposed to?

Remember that what we wear is what we are. Our personalities will greatly be reflected in the clothes we wear. So be sure you're wearing the best that will fit you. So other people won't misinterpret the kind of person that you are.

Also, if you wish for a change, pick up the change that won't jeopardize your being, rather would improve even the way you're living. Because that's what real fashion would best mean.

Be the real you. Dress up your personality and stand out with the crowd. Inspire everyone with your epitome of beauty.

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